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Stand Up to Self-Doubt


A FREE 2-Day virtual event equipping Christian Millennial Women to combat self-doubt
so that they can confidently use their gifts for God's glory. 
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This is for YOU if want to: 

  • Strengthen your trust and confidence in the Lord rather than in external factors so that you can take bold steps of faith in your calling.

  • Steward your emotions when negative self-talk and self-doubt creep in so you can stop disqualifying yourself for your imperfections and shortcomings.

  • Combat comparison so you can stop coveting and start choosing contentment in every season of your life.

  • Highlight your strengths so you can grow in the gifts God has given you instead of staying stuck on your weaknesses.

  • Root your identity in the Lord so that fear of people’s opinions and of failure does not stop you from moving forward.


In two days, you'll learn how to…

  • Develop confidence in the Lord (not in your abilities, achievements, financial status, etc) by identifying roadblocks and ways to develop more trust in Him.

  • Healthily engage with your emotions when self-doubt and self-condemnation kick in so you can stop getting in your own way.

  • Implement self-compassion to stop dwelling on past mistakes, failures, or imperfections and instead receive God's love and truth to move forward.

  • Shift from comparison to contentment in the Lord so you can experience joy and peace within your personal journey. 

  • Identify your strengths so you can focus on stewarding what you have rather than ruminating on what you lack. 

  • Take realistic steps to move from fear of man to fear of God so you stop allowing fear of what people think stop you from taking action.

What Makes This Event Different? 

We provide a safe environment to connect heart-to-heart with other sisters in Christ. 

We guide you to depend on God, not on yourself to stand firm against insecurity. 

At this event, we empower you with practical ways to exercise your authority in Christ over daily emotional battles and attacks on your identity and worth.

And it all starts with your yes today.


Your Host,
Serena Kang
Christian Life Coach

Despite being a pastor's kid with loving parents, I grew up battling anxiety, depression, conditional worth, and a relentless inner critic. 


Although I seemingly looked put together on the outside, internally I often felt overwhelmed and never quite enough. The approval I earned through people-pleasing and perfectionism became the weak foundation of my self-worth. I spent years trying to find peace and confidence externally - nutrition, fitness, self-love, body positivity, higher education, attention from men, situationships 🙃 and endless self-help books and podcasts to realize the only one who could heal my internal wounds was Jesus Christ.


God's faithful love, Christ-centered mentorship, and a safe community of Godly women opened my eyes to embrace my worth and restore lasting peace and confidence in Him. God has called me to help other women break free from the lies of their past and step into their freedom in Christ so that they can become the impactful women that God has called them to be.


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"I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. This is the most deep and profound sense of peace, love, and confidence that I've probably ever felt. Thank you for pouring into us"

- Kristina

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When is the event?

During the registration process we will let you know the event dates/times. 

Where is the event?

The event is virtual on Zoom. 

Why is this event free?

This is a complimentary first training aimed to help you kick-start your transformation journey. It also allows me to build your trust by getting you “results-in-advance.” If it works out for you, then there’s a chance you might want to join my paid mastermind community.

Will this end up being a sales fest?

Nope. I will provide teaching and implementation exercises so you can begin getting results.

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